Co-Marketing 101

Definition, Techniques, and Best Practices

What is Co-Marketing?

Co-marketing is when two companies combine forces to execute a marketing campaign. The act of co-marketing is often referred to as a "co-marketing motion" and typically involves a "co-branded" campaign that features the logos, branding, and messaging of both organizations.

Why Use Co-Marketing?

We are in the "Era of the Ecosystem" where our business relationships and integrations a series of bi-directional relationships. That means your number of potential partners (and thus, potential customers) has expanded rapidly.

Co-Marketing is also a quick and easy way to test-drive a deeper partnership. No need to start with a complicated, long-term arrangement. At first, a shared communication may help road-test your arrangement.

Co-Marketing Examples

There are several types of "co-marketing motions" commonly used by Partner Managers:

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